We are licensed providers of RealQuest Pro and several other CoreLogic products.

What is it?

OwnersData.com is access to RealQuest Pro for less than half the price. 

How it works:

You get a username and a password immediately when you sign up here. Then log in to RealQuest Pro, and get to work just like you would directly with Corelogic.

How is this possible (what’s the catch)?

We have spent millions of dollars with CoreLogic as a customer, just like you, since the early 2000s mailing offers to owners and utilizing their due diligence tools.

Over the years we have developed a special relationship with CoreLogic. We have completed 15,000+ acquisitions and sales of real property using this exact data-set.

The have licensed us as providers.

Main Street to Wall Street:

Hundreds of organizations use this data every day through us. They range from property investors just starting out to REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts) on Wall Street.

Residential flippers, appraisers, real estate agents, loan officers, surveyors, commercial investors, insurance agents and oil and gas engineers need this level of assessor detail daily.

What is RealQuest Pro?

It’s a collection nearly all the assessors databases in the US at your fingertips and in uniform structure.

This tool covers 98+% of the 145+ million parcels in the US and is updated daily. Hand’s down the best data available (we have tried them all).

Steven & Jill, Founders

Steven Butala and Jill DeWit have completed the acquisition and sale of more than 15,000 properties since 1999 generating $20M of equity without incurring leverage or debt.

In 2015, they released LandAcademy.com to give back to the land investment community. Now called LandInvestors.com, we are hundreds of members who complete transactions together daily creating better lives for themselves using tools like OwnersData.com, Offers2Owners.com, LandAcademy.com, ParcelFact.comDeedPerfect.com and many more.

Jill: “We believe our members should spend their time doing deals, not pushing paper. OwnersData replaces thousands of dollars of monthly expense in the form of Virtual Assistants and administrative staff.”

Steven: “For several years we have been using RealQuest Pro to purchase property as investors and the time has come to release it to our members and to the property investment community-as-a-whole.”

Like all our tools, it was created at the request of our members. As a group, we are more powerful.

For a complete list of property investment resources, check out LandInvestors.com